Retaining Wall Specialists, LLC. started in 1996, about the same time segmented retaining wall blocks became available. We have built our business on quality installation and satisfied customers.

ROCKWOOD® Retaining Wall Blocks and Interlock® Paver and Retaining Wall Blocks are used almost exclusively. They offer the highest quality products available in the La Crosse tri-state area. Retaining Wall Specialists, Inc. offers a wide variety of applications from state D.O.T., to commercial and residential projects. Paver driveways as well as patios, walkways and steps make a nice addition to a beautiful, landscaped yard.

Block & Brick Supply, LLC. is a distributor of high quality ROCKWOOD® Retaining Wall Blocks and Interlock® Paver Bricks and Retaining Wall Blocks. We also provide items such as site furnishings, flower planters and concrete slabs. We distribute to contractors, landscapers and people who want to do it themselves. Block & Brick Supply, Inc. carries a wide variety of products for all applications, large and small.

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